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Chthonic, from Taiwan

Chthonic is a folk (mostly) metal band from Taiwan.  They tend to be very political.  Though it's not usually obvious without some background in Taiwanese history and current policies.  They are also very loud in encouraging the regrowth of Taiwanese (rather than Han Chinese) traditions.  (hence the chorus of this song, which is in Taiwanese rather than Chinese and is sung by a famous Taiwanese enka star, Yu Tien)
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Crooked Still - Half of What We Know

I haven't posted much in the last few months because I've been on dial-up internet and that makes surfing youtube and such really hard, but I heard this song on the radio yesterday and thought it was gorgeous.  I had to share!

It's a bit bluegrass, old-school country, and a little folk-sy.  Americana, maybe?  the band is called Crooked Still and the song is Half of What We Know.

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i'll admit I don't normally like female vocals...but she's got a very pretty voice when she really opens up.  apparently, she's half tibetan and half japanese?  She's definitely singing in japanese though.  She sings in the soundtrack for the movie, Red Cliff...and is one of many on the OST for the anime, Inuyasha.